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Hogsback Snapshot

With the Eastern Cape’s Amatola Mountains as backdrop, the mystical surrounds of Hogsback are said to have been the inspiration for SA-born Tolkien's epic trilogy. And wandering through the mist-heavy forested valleys does leave one feeling like a bit actor on the set of The Lord of The Rings. Hobbits, elvins and wizards aside, Hogsback is incredibly scenic, a place of gobsmacking views, ancient forests and big waterfalls. The village itself is a sleepy hollow, home to a scattering of eccentric artists, ceramicists, B&B owners and urban opt-outs, with social life concentrated on either side of the dirt road climbing its slow way up the hog's back - you'll find a convenient spread of hotels, guest lodges, coffee shops and restaurants. Stepping off the dirt highway drops you into a veritable playground of hiking, biking and general appreciation of Nature's wonders. 

Things To Do

  • Take to one of the many day hikes in the area, cooling off awesome waterfall or two along the way.
  • Walk the labyrinth at The Edge, a cliff-top setting with vertical views into the river gorge.
  • Go on a guided horse-riding trip through the Amatolas.
  • Visit the Starways Pottery studio - it's situated in a secluded hilltop forest.
  • Stroll through the Camelot Fairy Meander.

  • Visit the historic St Patricks on the Hill Chapel.
  • Plant yourself on a barstool at one of several convivial drinking holes and feel the social pulse of the Hog. 
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