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Riebeek West & Riebeek-Kasteel

Western Cape

80km from Cape Town

Riebeek West & Riebeek-Kasteel Snapshot

Until fairly recently Riebeek West (80km from Cape Town) and cousin Riebeek-Kasteel made up an untainted corner of the world, known only among historians as birthplace of DF Malan and Jannie Smuts. Then the artists and would-be artists (a lot of them from Cape Town) moved in, injecting the villages with new blood. Riebeek’s attraction is clear to see. During the week, it lies barely awake on the rolling slopes of Kasteelberg, nibbled on all sides by blossoming orchards, vineyards and lovingly tended bougainvillaea, while over weekends the village emerges from its slumber and pulls up a seat at the local coffee shops and bars.

Things To Do

  • Activity in these slow villages should be confined to regaining lost friendships and lost minds, activities best conducted over a cuppa at various coffee shops, bars and restaurants. These include the beautifully revamped Royal Hotel.
  • Pick up a bottle of famous port at Allesverloren Estate or a case or two of Riebeek white at the Wine Cellar, open for tasting in the week and Saturday 9am-2pm. Close by is the Riebeek Olive Boutique, which peddles a range of olives.
  • Visit the house where Jannie Smuts was born, close your eyes and imagine him as a toddler.
  • The mountain above the village, Kasteelberg, is a spring flower spectacle and a good place to stretch the legs, though much of it seems privately owned.
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