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The Arniston of the West Coast, Paternoster ('Our Father') is a weather-beaten community of whitewashed fishermen’s cottages, toothless grannies dozing in the morning sun, lines of colourful washing and… rampant development. Like the rest of the country this pretty Grecian bay hasn’t escaped property mania and the number of spec houses popping up is a little worrying. Moving a mile or so up the coast from Paternoster, the road ends in a cul-de-sac at Tieties Bay, a pristine part of the world deriving its name, not from the female anatomy, as some may think, but apparently from a fisherman called Titus who had the misfortune of drowning in the bay.

Things To Do

  • Columbine Nature Reserve is a pristine habitat of coastal fynbos, seagulls, cormorants, sacred ibis and other seabirds – a place where you can spend your days fishing, crayfishing (with permit), walking, swimming or lying among the rocky coves.
  • There is plenty of scope for long informal hikes up and down the coast. Heading south for 17km leads to the village of Jacobsbaai, whereas heading north for 30km will take you to Stompneus Bay.
  • A tour of the Columbine Lighthouse can be arranged. This is the site of the last manned lighthouse built in South Africa and it has recently been revamped as part of a wider initiative to preserve the world’s shining beacons of hope and distress.
  • For a meal on the town, a corrugated beach shack called Voorstrand has the best setting – virtually on the water’s edge. The seafood isn’t half bad either. Open 10am-10pm.
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