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Jeffreys Bay Snapshot

Although a far cry from the sleepy collection of beach shacks seen in the 60‘s surf cult movie Endless Summer, Jeffreys Bay manages to retain a faint glimmer of its chilled-out, hippie vibe. Wave riders of all ages continue to see the place as the Mecca of surf culture, and religiously descend in their droves to take on the world-class break that put J-Bay on the map. Flanked by the Kabeljou and Seekoei estuaries on two sides, and a newly installed (and somewhat surreal looking) wind farm to the north, it is possible find respite from the town’s urban sprawl. Besides perfect waves, endless stretches of sandy beaches, the Noorskloof Nature Reserve, a small collection of shops, restaurants and museums, are among the modest attractions.

Things To Do

  • Wax that longboard languishing in the garage, crank up your old Beach Boys tape, and head on over to one of seven surf spots in and around the town.

  • Visit the legendary surf museum for a peek into the history of surfing both here and around the world.
  • Go kite boarding, zip lining, dune boarding or horse riding with one of severla adventure outfits dotted around town.

  • Pack a picnic, a bottle of Graca, and head down to the beach.

  • Take on the short hiking trail within the Kabeljous Nature Reserve. 
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