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Langebaan Snapshot

Langebaan (120km from Cape Town) has unfortunately succumbed to the lure of rampant development – in fact, on our last visit we got the distinct impression from several locals that they would love to have their town back from the invading land speculators. Love it or hate it, Langebaan has become a popular holiday town offering all things resort: mediocre B&Bs, boat trips, greasy take-aways, screaming kids, Croc-bedecked ice-cream lickers, putt-putt and supertubes. However, move away from the maddening throngs and you'll experience another side. If wind-borne watersport is your passion, Langebaan is aqua manna: the lovely lagoon is within easy reach of Cape Town and the conditions for wind- and kite-surfing near ideal. Likewise, the nearby West Coast National Park offers a taste of an incredible natural diversity contained within what seems to be an arid landscape.

Things To Do

  • Langebaan offers most things typically resort: watersport, boat trips, fishing, greasy take-aways, screaming kids, putt-putt and supertubes. If you haven’t got your own gear to join in all the fun, there are one or two companies renting out  out sailboards, paddle-skis and mountain bikes.
  • For us tree-hugger types, the West Coast National Park is the necessary impetus to head out to Langebaan. Spring (August to September) is best for wild flowers and whales, summer for many other types of small creatures, including snakes. We’ve never come across so many of the reptiles in one day. Okay, we only saw three, but big mothers they were.
  • Five million years ago the West Coast was somewhat different to what it is today – though judging by the creatures descending over Christmas you might not say so. Thousands of fossil bones have been discovered in the area, including those of sabre-tooth cats, short-necked giraffes and three-toed horses. You will find evidence of these and more at the West Coast Fossil Park, a little inland from Langebaan on the R45.
  • Die Strandloper is Langebaan’s open-air answer to the more famous Muisbosskerm in Lamberts Bay. For a fair sum of dosh you get to tuck into whatever marine life happens to be going at the time. 
  • Experience how the far side lives by spending an afternoon at Mykonos, a pseudo-Greek village with Kalivas, narrow streets and a dodgy financial past.
  • Before heading home buy your ‘I love Langebaan’ bumper sticker from the tourist office.
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