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Sutherland Snapshot

Sutherland is a place you should visit at least once in your life. With its arid climate and remote location, it might not seem like a must-visit holiday destination, but the starry winter skies and shimmering summer mirages will definitely change your mind. Established in 1723 to serve the growing sheep-farming community, Sutherland has a rich cultural history (thanks to a number of heated encounters during the Anglo-Boer War). Due to its polution-free Karoo skies, Sutherland also plays host to the South African Astronomical Observatory, and the world-renowned SALT (Southern Africa Large Telescope) telescope. Whether it's chasing snow (the chances of a white layer are always high here in winter) or looking for some laid back Karoo solitude, Sutherland makes for a great spot to soak it all up.

Things To Do

  • As stargazing is probably your primary reason for your trip, a visit to the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) is a must.

  • The Tanqua Karoo (the succulent Karoo biome) is known to be one of the best for bird-watching during the spring season.

  • The Anglo Boer War produced a number of Forts and Blockhouses in and around the town which now have some rich history and significance.

  • Take to the back roads between Sutherland and Fraserberg for an über authentic Karoo road trip.


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