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Arniston (Waenhuiskrans)

Western Cape

215km from Cape Town

Arniston (Waenhuiskrans) Snapshot

We read on a Chappies wrapper that Arniston is the only town in South Africa with two official names. The other name is Waenhuiskrans, so called because of the massive sandstone cave chiselled by time and erosion – according to Voortrekker legend the cave is big enough for a wagon and full team of oxen to make a U-turn in. Arniston is a magical spot with a beauty and quaint character that enfolds, holds and refuses to let go, and some great self-catering accommodation to match. It is a place of turquoise seas, white sculpted dunes, terraced rock pools, weatherbeaten fishermen and star-studded nights.

Things To Do

  • Arniston is about long beach and dune walks, collecting shells and other flotsam, dangling your feet in pretty tidal pools, reading cheap paperbacks, tossing back stiff sundowners and retiring early to bed.
  • At low tide, explore the impressive Waenhuiskrans Cave.
  • Spend a reflective moment at the monument erected in 1816 by Mrs Geils in memory of her four sons and the 368 other people who drowned when the British ship, the Arniston, hit the rocks and sank.
  • Kassiesbaai fishing village is a national monument and a favourite feeding ground for photographers and filmmakers – what is it about dilapidated cottages and underpants blowing in the breeze that attracts happy-snappers so?
  • Dinner is either self-prepared or enjoyed at the Arniston Hotel (tel 028-445 9000). The hotel has recently revamped its image and menu to fit South African pockets – the lounge is great for cappuccino and carrot cake, and the restaurant is good for dinner.
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