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Lamberts Bay Snapshot

Situated some 260km north of Cape Town is where you will find Lamberts Bay, promoted by its local marketing department as the Diamond of the West Coast, presumably due to its white beaches, moderate climate and abundance of lobster.

Serving time primarily as a fishing village, Lamberts Bay has become quite the tourist attraction of late; it even plays host to an annual Crayfish Festival. We're not sure what goes down at a crayfish festival, therefore reason in itself to visit.

The town may seem a little run down at first glance, but with a number of interesting activities and sights on offer, there's more to this weatherbeaten port than meets the eye. After all, there must be a reason it's called the Diamond of the West Coast...

Things To Do

  • For your art and craft fix, visit the Steenbokfontein Art Gallery or the Plaaskombuis for its handicrafts and handmade paper.

  • Enjoy a face-to-beak encounter with a Cape Gannet on the rocky Bird Island. Internationally acclaimed, and with a interesting visitors' center it's one outing the whole family will enjoy.

  • Sign up for an early morning dolphin watching boat ride with Lamberts Bay Boat Charters.

  • The Lamberts Bay Museum houses a number of interesting exhibits that will keep any wannabe historian entertained.

  • Put your 4x4 driving skills to the test on the Dunes 4x4 Trail.
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