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The quirky village of Matjiesfontein (230km from Cape Town) lies just off the N1 and 27km south of Laingsburg. A treasured fragment of Victorian England frozen in time, the entire village is a national monument, and a most appealing one at that. Among the many historical attractions is a privately-owned museum housed in the station building, the Post Office (now peddling wine and souvenirs), the all brass-and-leather Lord Milner Hotel and a row of cute Victorian Houses, all facing two dusty streets and a railway line. Olive Schreiner was a frequent visitor to Matjiesfontein, as was Cecil Rhodes and various governors, premiers and other leading gentry from the Victorian era. In other words, you will feel right at home. 

Things To Do

  • Matjiesfontein is a living museum with plenty to gawk at. The Lord Milner Hotel is the village centrepiece. Apart from lavish rooms, it contains antique-filled public lounges and spacious courtyards; as such it’s a good spot for tea. Next door is the Laird’s Arms, a Victorian country pub with historic photos of cricket hero, Jimmy Logan. Strolling a few metres up the street will bring you to a trio of semi-detached buildings, with the Post Office at the centre. To the left is Olive Schreiner’s humble cottage, which she rented from the Laird’s Arms, while two doors down, the original Logan’s general store has become the Coffee House, and is your best bet for a good cuppa and tasty meal. Wandering across the road, you’ll find the old train station and Marie Rawdon Museum, which houses a substantial collection of Victorian artefacts.
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