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Grahamstown Snapshot

Lying in a wide valley, The City of Saints has played a pivotal role in SA’s history, both past and more recent past. It was the landing point for many British families starting their new life in the colonies - as part of a wider immigration plan that kicked off in the 1820’s. This strong British influence is still very present in the Victorian architecture, private schools and the town's lifeblood, Rhodes University.

Big on the annual calendar is the Grahamstown Festival, a winter bonanza of cutting-edge (and less cutting-edge) theatre, art and culture. Any visit to Grahamstown should include a visit to some of its many historic sites and museums, a stroll through the Gardens and Rhodes University, all rounded off with a good old pub crawl. Out of town, you will find game reserves and a wild and beautiful coastline.

Dollops of history, culture in no short supply, a vibrant mix of old, new, English and Xhosa influence, a wide choice of accommodation, Grahamstown has a lot to offer.

Things To Do

  • Grahamstown's museum list runs long. Take your pick from The Albany History Museum, The National Literary Museum, the Observatory Museum, and more... 
  • Stroll around Church Square for some of the best examples of Victorian and Edwardian buildings and shop fronts.

  • Visit the impressive St Michael and St George Cathedral. Completed in the 1830’s, the cathedral lays claim to the highest church spire in the country.
  • The 1820 Settler Monument overlooks  the town. It was built in honourof the hardy bunch of British settlers who contributed to South Africa’s history.
  • Visit a local pub and indulge your long-gone student memories. The Rat & Parrot, Copper Kettle, Olde 65 and Champs Action Bar are hot student favourites.
  • A number of restaurants and good coffee shops are dotted around town. Haricot’s Deli and Bistro are popular. 
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