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Squatting on the Overberg-Karoo boundary, Barrydale is an appealing little village encircled by green farmland and beautiful mountains. It is linked to the rest of the Overberg by Tradouws Pass – an inspiring Thomas Bain work of serpentine twists and turns cleverly weaving around plummeting ravines and tortuous rock formations. Like just about every other country town, Barrydale is fast succumbing to the inevitable laws of progress and being sold off to rat-race escapees. On the whole though, there is blissfully little real evidence of this development - apart from the eateries jostling for position on the R62 above the village. Business still closes for lunch, tourists are objects of local curiosity and peak hour traffic consists of the local donkeys trotting head to head.

Things To Do

  • Barrydale makes for very pleasant strolling – sultry air, pretty outlook and comatose dirt avenues over the weekend. Moving beyond the village into the rolling fynbos mountains and green valleys, this unspoilt corner of the Overberg offers self-planned hiking and abundant birdlife. The tourist office (tel 028-572 1572) can point you in the right direction.
  • Drive (or cycle) the inspiring Tradouws Pass. If you came in through the pass, head home via the R62 to Montagu, as it is also very scenic.
  • Warmwaterberg Spa (tel 028-572 1609) is 25km from Barrydale and what most spas are not – simple and unimposing.
  • Barrydale has no shortage of  coffee shops/farmstalls – most of them on the R62 and all trying to cash in on the passing traffic. For eating out during the day, Country Pumpkin (tel 028-572 1019) and Clarke of the Karoo (tel 028-572 1017) have been around the longest and serve wholesome plates of food, while there are plenty of other options dotted between two. 
  • Ronnies Sex Shop (tel 028-572 1153), 28km further along the R62, has become a famous institution, locally and abroad. The shop sells a range of growl-in-the-dark vibrators, Viagra for flaccid bulls, farmer-strength riding crops and… You wish! Sorry to disappoint, but Ronnies is nothing but a simple pub in the middle of nowhere.
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Barrydale, Western Cape

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