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Wild Coast Snapshot

For many of the wrong (Apartheid-era) reasons, the Wild Coast has remained untouched, untamed and out of the hands of the developers. The other-wordly result is a painfully beautiful coastal stretch of deserted beaches, sleepy bays and grass-covered cliff tops dotted with (seemingly idyllic) traditional village huts. The Wild Coast's maritime history is fascinating and little-known - Hazel Crampton's, The Sunburnt Queen is well worth the read - a larger-than-fiction story of shipwrecks and European castaways integrating with local tribal communities. The Wild Coast's geography is a repeat-pattern of exotic-sounding rivers cutting through green hills towards the ocean, cultiminating in small bays and lagoons and holiday hamlets - no matter where you stay, you’re likely to score a beachfront view. Along the coast you'll find a few protected reserves, among them Dwesa, Cwebe, Hluleka and Silaka. These offer excellent birding and intact coastal forests. While a lot of the old family-run establishments have undergone facelifts in their pursuit of 'Hotel Spa' status, for the most part a Wild Coast trip is all about getting back to basics. Rustic getaways, extra laid-back living (helped along by the green stuff), and some of SA’s finest coastal scenery.

Things To Do

  • Walk the Wild Coast Hiking Trail. Slackpacking at it best, as each evening bunkdown is a recommended hotel. 
  • Horse back beach rides can be undertaken from many accommodation options. Wild Coast Horse Trails is a professional outfitter based at Kei Mouth.
  • For the best beaches, Bulungula, Cintsa, Coffee Bay and Double Mouth offer gorgeous surrounds, empty stretches of sand and warm water... Just watch out for sharks!
  • For fishing, Kei Mouth and Mazeppa Bay offer easy access to rock and surf, while Mbolompo Point near Hole in the Wall is also a good option.
  • A few good MTB routes are in operation. Mazeppa Bay, Cwebe Nature Reserve, Mboyoti and Mkambati Nature Reserve all have MTB trails worth exploring.
  • For the best in Wild Coast ganja we suggest... Only kidding. We'll leave this for you to discover. 


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