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Ladybrand Snapshot

Lying on the SA side of the border a mere 18km from Lesotho's capital, Maseru, Ladybrand nestles in a picturesque tree-lined valley in the shade of the Maluti Mountains. As such it's a lovely spot to experience the Eastern Free State.

Not only is the setting of this agricultural village a pretty one, it comes with a rich cultural history. Founded in 1867 after the Basotho Wars, Ladybrand was named after Lady Catherine Brand, the mother of the Free State president at the time. 

The locals are friendly, the array of accomodation generous, and the condition of the roads dismal... Buckle up, brave the potholes, and enjoy all this little town has to offer!

Things To Do

  • Perfectly located in the Maluti foothills, hiking trails and blissful nature are the order of the day. From wild to mild, you will be sure to find something to suit - whatever you do, don't forget to pack the hiking boots.

  • The surrounding caves and overhangs offer a rich San rock art heritage. Best way to experience this close-up is via a guided tour, which Ladybrand offers.

  • Pack your golf clubs for a 9 'o clock tee off at the Ladybrand Golf Club.

  • Pass some time browsing through the town's quaint and quirky shops and galleries. As with many other towns along the Maluti Route, Ladybrand is gaining a foothold among the crafty crowd.
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