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Underberg & Southern Drakensberg

Kwazulu Natal

208km from Durban
581km from Johannesburg

Underberg & Southern Drakensberg Snapshot

Clean air, clear blue skies, snow-capped mountains in winter. Underberg and its glorious 'Berg backdrop should be on every South African's local-is-lekker' travel bucket list.

Serving as the gateway to the Southern Drakensberg region, Underberg is a small dairy and cattle farming community in the pretty Mzimkulu River valley, which in turn nestles in the foothills of Hlogoma Peak.  

Whether you are a wannabe artist, photographer, fisherman, birder, hiker or biker, Underberg satisfies on many counts. Casual and laid-back vibe, a host of outdoor activities, interesting historical sites, stunning Drakensberg scenery, you could easily spend a week here ticking off the boxes.

Things To Do

  • Take a walk on the wild side and try your hand at White River Rafting. Only to be enjoyed if you don't mind getting a tad wet.

  • If you are a keen wielder of the “long-rod” then you have come to the right place. The Southern Berg offers more fly-fishing opportunities than any other area in South Africa. The surroundings aren't half bad either.

  • From short strolls to overnight hikes, there are plenty of opportunities to explore this unspoilt part of the country by foot. Don't forget to take your camera along. Visit KZN Wildlife for more info.

  • One of the things that this area is most famous for is the abundance of Khoi San Rock Art. The whole family will enjoy a guided tour of one of the Rock Art Sites at Cobham or Garden Castle.

  • The Himeville Museum is specially for the History Buffs. Rated one of the best rural history museums in South Africa, the Himeville Museum is well worth a visit.
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