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Magoebaskloof & Haenertsburg


375km from Johannesburg

Magoebaskloof & Haenertsburg Snapshot

Less than four hours drive from the smoke of Egoli, you'll enter the impressive forested area of Magoebaskloof and Haenertsburg. Referred to by locals as the “Mountain”, or the “Village”, or more poetically, "The Land of the Silver Mist", this beautiful area is well known for its scenery and nature activities, most notably its abundance of fly-fishing spots. The Magoebaskloof has been the muse for quite a few well known local authors, and for good reason, too. Guests that have stayed here have also been known to fall in love with its old-world charm, stunning scenery, rich gold mining history and general grace and hospitality. With much to do and see and feel, best you make your visit an extended one. 

Things To Do

  • Cast your cares into the setting sun while you enjoy a spot of fly-fishing at one of many trout dams in the area.
  • Visit the Museum and the eccentric, old-fashioned trading posts at the Pennefather Complex.
  • Venture into the fairy-like forest on one of the many hiking trails (guided or self-guided). Pack a picnic basket full of treats to enjoy at the Debengeni Falls.
  • Do some birding with a difference while you experience the natural beauty of this area on horseback.
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