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279km from Johannesburg
425km from Durban
540km from Bloemfontein

Wakkerstroom Snapshot

According to the older locals, back in the 1980’s Wakkerstroom pulled an average of about four visitors per week. It was only during the early 90‘s that this sleepy little village woke up to smell the coffee and started to see an influx of urbanites, drawn by the lure of village life, and no doubt by some appealing real estate bargains. Today Wakkerstroom is home to a healthy calendar of arty festivals and events, a host of pubs, restaurants and deli’s - ranging from posh to more basic. Stepping outside the village, there's more than enough to do - long bracing walks, amazing birdwatching, easy cycling... A gorgeous setting of rolling grassland and hills, quiet streets and a relaxed rural vibe, in our books Wakkerstroom is a mini Clarens in waiting.

Things To Do

  • Start your day with a cuppa, chased by a gallery or two. There are plenty of coffee and breakfast options to select from, and the Metamorphis Gallery houses a selection of work by local artists.

  • Take a lazy amble around town - a quintessential Wakkerstroom pastime. Historic sites include St. Mark’s Church, The Kruger Bridge, and the Old Court House.

  • Visit the Alpacas at The Roost. These rare animals used for their wool. You can view the process at the farm and purchase the end product.

  • Visit the Wakkerstroom Bushman Paintings, said to be among the country's finest. 

  • Don kitbag and venture out on one of many walking trails in the surrounding area. The summit of Ossewakop is a worthy challenge. You'll find more Info at the local visitor centre.

  • Pack a picnic. Martins Dam is a great spot to spread out the checkered cloth along the water's edge.

  • Hire a bike in town, or better still, bring your own, because Wakkerstroom is perfect pedalling country.
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