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Nature's Valley

Western Cape

205km from Port Elizabeth
560km from Cape Town

Nature's Valley Snapshot

Towered over by a dense collage of indigenous forest, deep gorges and tangled vines, flanked by a vast open lagoon and long desolate beach, Nature's Valley is the only village falling within the Tsitsikamma National Park.

We reckon it's the most laid-back destination along the Garden Route. And for good reason. It's cut off from world as we know it, there's one general dealer and a rustic beach restaurant with questionable menu, and the beach and wide lagoon has a way of very quickly seducing one into the quasi-hippie lifestyle. So, come prepared for languid sun-drenched days filled with everything, yet nothing in particular.

There's a wide choice of accommodation, most of it private holiday homes occupied by their owners over Christmas. Out of this period though, there is plenty available.

Things To Do

  • The lagoon at Nature's is famiy holiday Nirvana - set up camp for the day, kick back and enjoy. 
  • The Nature's Valley Restaurant is the only restaurant for miles around, with a burger-and-chips kinda menu - sitdown and takeaway. The restaurant lies at the end of the infamous Otter Trail (good spot to carbo-load), with small grocery store attached. 

  • Just up the steep windy pass, you're in The Crags, which offers a good mix of activities, ranging from a pleasant farmstall, a number of wildlife sanctuaries, wine farms, and a Puzzle Park. 

  • Monkeyland is a primate sanctuary where apes from around the globe enjoy a free existence under the forest canopy - crafty pickpockets among them! You'll find the reserve near the Nature's Valley turn-off along the N2. Open daily from 8am-6pm and tours are by guide only. 

  • Eden World of Birds is directly next door and a must-do, with an impressive series of suspended walkways and big platter of local and exotic feathered species.  
  • Further afield, Stormsriver Adventures is based at Storms River Village and offers a lucky packet of adventure activities. The company is best known for blackwater tubing, aptly described as the 'ultimate kloofing experience'. After signing an indemnity form and donning a wetsuit and helmet, you'll be lowered into the Storms River. From here it's a leisurely paddle on an inflatable tube down a narrow canyon of spectacular cliffs and wild vegetation; if all goes to plan you’ll pop out like a cork several hours later at  Storms River Mouth.
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